Beverage Equipment

Whilst the quality of the product is ultimately the most important thing, even the best products will taste poor and unappealing if the equipment used isn't up to the job.


At Bridge Coffee we're proud to partner with some of the very best machine manufacturers and suppliers in the business. Based on our many years of experience, we recommend the following machines, as each is uniquely suited to specific environments and customer requirements.

Micro Offices, board rooms, etc


Whilst single-serve solution such as a Flavia or Keurig are often chosen, this may not necessarily be the best or most cost effective solution.


Consider instead a compact bean-2-cup machine such as the Cino from RheaVendors. Freshly ground espresso beans produce a small selection of speciality coffees including espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte. Hot chocolate adds to the menu, and makes options such as a mocha available.

Cino XXPB(web)

Small Offices and Showrooms


The Krea from N & W Global Vending offers a wide range of drinks in cup sizes up to 12oz.  Again the drinks are made from freshly ground espresso beans.


Easy to use, direct selection buttons make drink selection quick and efficient. The Solista version of the Krea also offers an integral supply of vending cups.

Necta Krea (3)

Larger Offices


Larger offices may benefit from a machine like the Wittenborg 9100. Combining stylish Scandinavian design with the very latest technological innovations, the 9100 comes with beans, or fresh leaf tea or both!


The 10" high definition touch screen allows you to make changes to the drink strength and ingredient amount to tailor the drink to your specific requirements.

9100 [1]