Roast and Ground Coffees


Bridge Coffee supply a wide range of premium quality roast and ground coffees under the brand name Caffe Noir.  All our filter blends are made from 100% Arabica beans, although some of our espresso blends benefit from the addition of Robusta beans for body.


In addition to standard blends, we also offer Rainforest Alliance certified blends and naturally decaffeinated choices.

coffee beans

Teas and Infusions


Tea is still a national institution despite the increase in the popularity of coffee. Bridge Coffee are proud to supply Cosy Teas and Infusions. The 9 different flavours are Organic and Fairtrade, and are individually wrapped making them suitable for both food-serve and office locations.


Cosy Tea Rack



Enhance the flavour of your hot beverages by adding a flavoured syrup. Sweetbird syrups come in over 40 flavours, are packed in 1-litre plastic bottles and are both Vegan and vegetarian Society approved. Excellent profit makers for foodservice customers, syrups can raise the quality and choice of beverages in the office.

Syrups Sweep