Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never had a coffee machine before, there will no doubt be a number of questions that you have.

Below are some of the questions that we’re most frequently asked. 

Please get in touch if there’s something that you want to know that’s not covered below.

What’s The Right Machine For My Business ?

Every business has different needs and requirements for their coffee machine, so it’s not possible to say that business type A needs this machine and business type B needs that type.

You need to consider factors such as who’s going to use the machine, where it’s going to be located, and how busy you are.

Bean-2-cup and instant machines offer a very consistent drink, whereas a traditional espresso machine offers the ‘theatre’ of making a drink.

What Do I Need To Have My Machine Fitted ?

Your machine will certainly need a plug socket within 1-metre of where the machine will be sited.

Unless it has a water tank that you can fill by hand, you’ll also need a cold water pipe with a connector at the end. We typically ask for a dishwasher connection, which we will connect the machine to.

Traditional espresso machines will also require some form of waste. Ideally this will be a waste pipe connected to a drain, by a container under the counter will be acceptable if this isn’t possible.

What About A Warranty & Servicing?

All the new machines that we supply have at least 12 months manufacturers’ warrant; the majority of the bean-2-cup machines have 3 years.

This means that any mechanical failures are covered at no additional cost to you.

Bridge Coffee offer a 12 months labour warranty as standard, with annual servicing contracts available after that.

Do I Need A Water Filter ?

Unless you live in an area with very soft water (no build-up in the kettle) then the simple answer is yes.

Most manufacturers warranties require a water filter to be fitted, as component failure due to limescale isn’t covered.

A water filter protects your machine, lengthens its life and also improves the quality of the drinks that you serve.

Can I Pay For My Machine Monthly?

Yes! We offer fixed-term leasing deals from 12 months to 5 years, subject to status.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to introduce to you a finance company.

How Long Will It Take For My Machine To Be Delivered?

This depends on the machine that you choose and how you’re paying for it.

Typically we install machines within 5 – 10 working days of receiving an order.