Office Coffee Consumption Trends

Given that we spend most of the working day at work, it’s probably no real surprise that it is also the main place where we consume coffee outside of the home.

Whilst large workplaces have had vending machines and canteens for a long time, the coffee break is becoming a more important moment in smaller businesses too; in fact coffee consumption in offices is growing almost everywhere in the world. In the UK 44% of all coffee consumed away from home is at work, compared to an average of 52% in Europe. Across Europe the value of coffee consumed in offices is around 3.1bn Euros (£2.6bn), with an average growth of 3.3% in the last 3 years alone.

It can be argued that this increase is due to changes in working methods, remember the explosion of water-coolers and the advent of the water-cooler moment? Office design and layout is also a factor, with open-plan offices now seen as advantageous to collaboration and staff well-being. The increase in work spaces and breakout areas has seen businesses placing multiple machines in multiple locations, together with water and often fresh fruit and healthy snacks.

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Source of figures quoted: Coffee consumption and trends in the office 2019 Coffee Business Intelligence https://coffeebi.com

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