Workplace Sanitisation Products

As businesses start to re-open following the countrywide shut-down we’re delighted to have been awarded a distributorship for the range of H-Wash products which are manufactured in the West Midlands.

We know that you’re still working out how to safely re-open and what measures to put in place . We’ve sourced free-standing hand wash units that require no plumbing nor electrical connections, together with the consumables for use with them.

Please note that the NHS provided information in 2017 which confirmed that cold water was as effective as warm for killing germs and also that diseases such as Legionnaires don’t easily spread in cold water, but do in stored warm water.

Lead times are currently 10 – 14 working days due to the obvious demand for these products.

Ideal for coffee shops, take-aways and retail environments in general. The H-Wash Sanitisation Station is a compact solution. Manufactured in the UK, its features include –

  • Lightweight making it easy to move around – less than 15KG including consumables
  • No electrical or plumbing required
  • Self-contained Sanitiser Station all within a 300 x 300mm footprint
  • Storage of 1x 5L hand gel or soap
  • Can be positioned anywhere as a sanitise station, either next to an existing water source to wash your hands with soap and water or with hand gel and tissue/wipes where water isn’t accessible
  • Not operated by a foot pedal making it suitable for wheelchair users
  • Easy to use dispenser connects directly to the 5L can of gel/soap so no decanting to re-fill

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Ideal for fitting in delivery vehicles and vans or indeed any confined area, the H-Wash 5 is small and compact.

  • Self-contained unit with easy-fill 5L storage tank, providing enough water for up to 25x 20 second hand washes
  • Grey water is drained into a removable collection tank
  • Unit includes Soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, 5L grey water collection drum and waste bin

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